11 Sep

If you are an animal lover, you must have thought of acquiring big cats. However, rearing big cats brings you to certain laws and regulations. That is why finding Big cat expert here is essential along the process. You need to speak with a lawyer about this matter. However, not all lawyers have the expertise about laws that have something to do with rearing big cats. Ownership of big cats entails a lot of responsibility. You need to be informed about some laws regarding ownership of big cats so that you can follow what is legal. 

If other people mentioned Carney Anne Nasser, you better consider her as your big cat expert. She is an animal protection attorney who is involved in the case of Tiger King. If you were informed about the case of Joe Exotic, then you must have identified him as someone who had multiple federal crimes which led him to be imprisoned for 22 years. If you need to know more about the story of Carney Anne Nasser, you better check additional details from her official website. You will appreciate her presence considering that she graces various interviews and appearances. 

You will surely say that she is a woman of substance in the field of big cat ownership.
If you want to own big cats legally, you need to weigh your options. You better check the podcast of Carney Ann and listen to her assertions. You do not want to face struggles when trying to apply for ownership. Besides, as a human being, it is important that you also know how the big cats struggled before. You must have heard about exotic pet trade. You do not have any idea how those cats struggled in life. You are not aware how people mistreated them.

You need to support the campaign against big cat extinction and exploitation. You can be in one voice with those people in the veterinary, sanctuary, legal, journalism, and zoological communities. When you visit the actual website of Carney Anne, she provides various facts about states in the US that forbid the ownership of tigers. Those states must have thought of abuses being made to the tigers. Hence, they will not allow their citizens to consider big cats are pets. Aside from the issue of safety, they want those big cats to stay in the wild since it is their natural habitat. 

You better check the law enforcement at your own state. If you will be allowed to own tigers and place them to your own den, then seek for support from a legal service provider. However, you need to talk to people who are knowledgeable about big cat ownership. You need to have empathy over lower forms of animals. If you will realize along the way that asking for their ownership will bring them into the valley of death, you better forget about that dream. You better visit them in their sanctuaries and enjoy nature at its finest. Just call the hotline of Carney Anne Nasser to know more about the possibility of meeting her.

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